Installation Procedure

We will visit your home or commercial building to inspect the foundation, determine the installation requirements, and prepare an installation design. The design analysis will account for the size, position, and load of each anchor.

After developing the installation guide we will be able to offer a price quote and time estimate.

If you choose to proceed with the installation we will first excavate to the the footing at each anchor location. A notch will be chipped out of the footing to accommodate a support bracket. A high-torque hydraulic drive head will screw the anchors into stable subsoil. A steel L-shaped bracket placed on top of each anchor shaft will connect to the base of the foundation wall. The weight of the building will then be transferred to the Helical Pier® Foundation Systems by a calculated procedure of hydraulic jacking and adjustment of the brackets. All excavation will then be backfilled.

HELICAL PIER® FOUNDATION SYSTEM anchors and brackets are selected and spaced at proper intervals to support loads specific to each building.

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