Backed by more than 80 years of structural engineering experience, the A.B. Chance HELICAL PIER® FOUNDATION SYSTEM offer a technically superior and cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems.


  • A time-proven, versatile and technically sound system
  • Lower cost - both for the system and the installation
  • Faster installation than other methods
  • Very limited excavation - minimal disturbance to the site
  • No heavy equipment required
  • Installs in limited-access areas
  • Used in new home construction to enhance foundation strength on sites with poor soil conditions.

The Basic Concept
The HELICAL PIER® FOUNDATION SYSTEM works by turning a screw anchor into stable subsoil strata until the torque applied indicates that the necessary load capacity has been achieved. Adjustable brackets are then attached to the base of the building's foundation walls, which connect the screw anchors to the foundation. The weight of the building is then shifted to the screw anchors. In the process, foundations, walls and floors are repositioned and retained from further movement.

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